About Jacqueline Schaffer


Board-certified medical doctor, wellness advocate, professional model and world humanitarian.

Originally from Northern California, Dr. Schaffer sought an education in international medicine and received her MD from Semmelweis Medical School in Budapest, Hungary.

With the less than glamorous demands of medical school, Jacqueline explored ways to embrace her true femininity.  Professional modeling was both an empowering and balancing form of expression and demanded a lifestyle of caring for her body inside and out.  She quickly learned that for her, real beauty was a blend of authentic beauty rituals and a commitment to wellness.  This included diet and exercise, supported by a thoughtful skincare regime and complementary choice of products. As a professional model, she became highly aware how powerfully her choice of skin care products impacted her skin and overall sense of self-confidence.

During her studies abroad, she was naturally drawn to dermatology and all things beauty. When researching the ingredients found in today’s beauty products, she discovered that many of them were simply not beneficial for her skin over time, and some quite damaging.  Backed by her medical expertise and having supported her mother repeatedly fight skin cancer, she started raising awareness on alternative solutions that enhance and protect a woman’s natural health and beauty.

Today, Dr. Schaffer is an advocate of the wellness movement and slowing down the aging process through intelligent beauty choices.  Through her website and social media channels, she promotes and educates women on the positive impact of living a healthy lifestyle and the power of proper skincare. While continuing to support her humanitarian efforts with her charity A Sandwich a Day, whose mission is to feed the homeless and offer nutritional education to those in need, Dr. Schaffer is finishing her first book, focusing on wellness and skincare and will be launching a product line in Spring of 2016.




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